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If some advocate a weaning desk and chair on the peak of a kid, the place the kid will eat alone, the concept discourages me sufficient, even with very tailored furnishings. Fostering autonomy sure, giving up household meals, inconceivable for us! The kitchen is the nerve centre of the household! So we needed our infants with us for lunch time.

The primary instances, they have been in our arms, or carried in sling or scarf, harvesting in passing a couple of crumbs of their hair…

Later, once they had been in a position to sit alone (relying on the idea of free motor abilities, with a purpose to protect the kid’s physique, it’s not put able that he has not but skilled alone, apart from my eldest who was straightened in a short time due to A extreme plagiocephaly), they ate with us on the desk.

To do that, on our travels or at residence, we had the chance to check a number of issues:

Ifirst excessive chair, supplied by Granny, which serves since 2006. Good strong materials, adjustable in top, reclining with an actual appropriate place for a toddler to function a top Transat, a sturdy and detachable shelf (a little bit too excessive for the smaller ones), a top adjustable footrest (it is vitally Necessary to have your ft laid whenever you eat). In brief a chair very sensible, properly respectful of the physiology of the newborn, nicely padded however which utterly limits the autonomy: the kid can solely settle there solely when the chair is about to minimal top, on your evenings aperitif what! That mentioned, we spring it to every child as a result of we’re connected!

For the outings, we had this useful booster that matches all of the chairs. By eradicating the pill, and if the chair is supplied with bars, I believe the kid can climb there alone. (Don’t search, in 2007, I didn’t know the idea of diversification led by the kid).

High Chairs And Autonomy

It’s a Bumbo seat designed to straighten the very younger youngsters. Right here it has been diverted from its principal use, anti-physiological (besides particular instances the place the kid must be straightened very early), for use in further excessive chair. The benefit is that the kid is on the desk with us and that he can set up himself in it (so long as it’s clearly mounted on the entrance desk). This image was taken on a ski trip. Luckily we had this seat as no excessive chair within the restaurant may have agreed. The infants had been all tied up of their strollers the time of the meal… Lulu was the one child with whom the adults spoke…

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