Private Tour Bali: Make Your Holiday Worthwhile

The first thing that every traveler or tourist need to have in mind is that they must know what places to visit once they arrive in their destination. Your holiday will surely be a waste of time if you go to an unfamiliar place without knowing what their best attractions are. Going to Bali is no different. This island is famous for its beautiful beaches, rice fields, and gorgeous geological wonders. You can never go wrong with hiring a guide. A guide can show you the best places to visit whether you are there for a day or a month. Hire Bali private driver guide from Bali Five Driver and we will tell you why it’s worth it.

Legitimate Company

One thing you have to be aware of is scams. You shouldn’t just hire the first local guy you see on the street to be you private guide. Bali Five Driver offers you a private tour accompanied by professional and experienced drivers. They are all fluent in English so your experience will be all the more enjoyable and easier. Better find private car hire with driver Bali rather than risking yourself being alone with untrustworthy stranger.

Knowledgeable Drivers

Not all locals know their ways around Bali for Bali is quite huge and every city and every village has so many unique attractions which some of them are unknown even to locals. All drivers from Bali Five Drivers are knowledgeable and ready to give you complete and detailed information about every beach, village, caves, fields, street shops, temples, etc. They know interesting events that are going on at the time or upcoming events worth visiting.

Budget Friendly

Bali Five Driver offers you two ways of booking. Standard and semi luxury car. Both options include free driver, petrol and mineral water, English speaking driver, parking and driver’s meal. Both also have flexible itinerary. The only difference is the pricing. ($45 for standard and $55 for semi luxury).
Make your vacation worthwhile and hire private driver Bali to go around Bali with a professional and experienced driver from Bali Driver Five. You can access for more information at