Brief About Home Designs

What is home design?

Home design is about how you want your home will be looks like. The home design is how the wall painting, the colors, the materials, the furniture, the ornaments, the decorations and all inside the home. The home design has many types and every house have every home design. At least the shape of home or the roof or anything. It might represent the home design.

What are the home designs?

Scandinavian home design
  • Scandinavian home design is a home design with the Scandinavian style.
  • Contemporary home design is a home design that follows up the development of the era. The contemporary home design is not absolute, because it grows along the time.
  • Modern home design is a home design that uses the modern materials and concept. The modern concept arise because the existence of the new materials such as iron, steel or plastic.
  • Classical home design is a home design that is shows about the old times. The materials that use are mostly wood. As we know that long time ago people only use wood or bricks in their home.
Minimalist home design
  • Minimalist home design is a home design for minimalist house or mini size house. The minimalist home design have mini stuffs, open space room, merge room, the color that will makes the big look of the room.
  • Victorian home design is a home design from British. The Victorian home design mostly have wood or bricks wall and the roof is prism. The Victorian home design will shows the British style in a house.
  • Country home design is a home design that usually used in a country side. The country home design has simplicity impression for the whole design.
  • Coastal home design is a home design that shows how the sea life looks like. The coastal always shows something related to the sea life such as the coral, sand, beach, water, sea, ship, fish and others.

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